What To Prepare Before Opening A Flower Shop

How to start a flower shop

flower shop

Deciding to start a flower shop is one of the important decisions that you make. So congratulations, for making that important step towards becoming a successful florist. One thing you ought to know is that starting your own flower shop is not easy. You have to be committed to the process if you want to be successful. There are a few considerations that you will have to make before you start a shop. You would be surprised at the level of advise you can get from an existing florist business. As long as you are not in the same town; they are generally happy to give you some tips :-)

Factors to consider

  • Location; in any business, the location you choose plays a vital role in determining the number of customers you will get. The florist shop that has a high visibility gets more customers than the rest. You need to carefully consider the place you will set up your shop.
  • Types of flowers; the type of flowers you are going to sell is important. As you know, there are different flowers that are suitable for different occasions.
  • Cost; you will have to calculate the amount of money required to set up the shop. When calculating the cost you have to factor in the mode of advertisement you will use, legal fees and also the property ownership cost (that is if you will buy the premises)
  • License of operation; almost all states require one to obtain a business permit before starting a business. Having a business license will also help your customers to trust you.
  • Advertisement channels; there are different channels that you can use to advertise your business. The social media is one of the best platforms followed by the print media. To increase your presence on the business arena, you need to create a website that will enable people to view your products easily.
  • Equipment that you will use; before starting a flower shop it is important to consider the equipment. The flower shop will need equipment like; flower refrigerator, vases, packaging materials, delivery vans etc.

Tips of starting a flower shop

  • Educate yourself; it is next to impossible to succeed in anything that you know nothing about. It is highly recommended that you learn about flowers before you decide to sell them. You can also try to improve your arrangement. You can take a course to help you learn about caring for flowers and how to create beautiful bouquet of flowers.
  • Choose your market wisely; there are different markets that you can focus on. Different markets offer profit returns.
  • Create a powerful business plan; a business plan is the blueprint of your business. It will give future investors information concerning your shop. In your business plan you should include the anticipated revenue and expenses. You should include the number of employees, if any that you hope to employ.
  • Choose a good advertising strategy; as new business owner, you will need to advertise extensively if you want to gain customers. Remember that different marketing strategies bring different results.
  • Get a business insurance; you need to research on the different insurance policies that can protect your business.

Here’s a video that teaches you how to arrange flowers:

How To Improve Vertical Jump Without Weights

basketball Vertical

Are you a basketball player who is looking to increase his jump height? Ask around and most probably you will be advised to do squats with weights so that you body gets accustomed to jumping with more weight, and when you do it without the weight you would be able to jump higher. However there are other ways that you could try as well. Some of these methods are described below.

Why the need to increase the jump?

If you are a basketball player/fan and think that you need to improve your jump because otherwise you are not good enough to play then you are wrong. The ability to dunk the ball is a great advantage to have in the game, but if you can’t dunk then it doesn’t mean that you can’t play. Although being a driver is really cool but shooters are just as important in the game as a driver. In fact more points are scored by shooters during the game.

How to improve the jump?

If you are not convinced with the above reasoning and still want to improve your jump then here are some methods that you can rely on.

  • Lateral jumps are a great way to increase your jump
  • Toe Raises are yet another method you can use. The best thing about this method is that you can do it anywhere. All you have to do is stand on an edge and then raise up onto the tips of your toes and then back down. Repeat this again and again.
  • Calf raises are also another method that you can use.
  • Use the jump rope. You might be thinking how will this help me? When you use the jump rope, you perform jumps without bending your knees. Jumping without bending the knees will strengthen your calves and that will allow you to jump higher.
  • Similarly you can also do box jumps. In box jumps you jump from a small height to the ground and then quickly rebound back.


It’s important that you realize that all these exercises are designed to help you, but they will take their due course of time. You cannot expect them to show immediate results. However if you work at them hard enough then you will definitely be rewarded. Many thanks to LiveStrong!

Is Six Figure Mentors Another IM Pure Scam?

There have been many speculations going around that the six figure mentors is a scam. Some of the people have claimed that the system is a Multi Level Marketing system. However, the management and some of the people who have successfully used the system say that the six figure mentors scam speculations are far from the truth. It is quite understandable for you to be skeptical about the system. However, before you decide not use the system, it is advisable for you to analyze the features and the authenticity of the services.


I.            Money back guarantee

Using the system is a choice and when you join you pay an application fee of $29.95. However, this money can be refunded back 100% if you decide not to use the product. You will have to wait for a period of 30 days for you to request for the refund.

II.            Not a quick money scheme.

Most people have believed the six figure mentors scam speculations to be true. This is because there have been many systems on the internet claiming to offer a quick fix to your money problems. However, the SFM system is different. You will go through a training program that will equip you with the required information to help you succeed.  The training modules contain a step by step process that will teach how to make your business profitable online. You will also get access to a one-on-one guidance from the experts. You will be required to work and use the training modules given for you to succeed.

III.            Earn Commission

Once you create a website you start earning commissions from it. When people click on the products on your websites, you will receive commission. You will also earn from the various products that the SFM system gives you. There are a different membership plans that give you commissions for making your sales.

IV.            Private Community membership

The SFM is a private community and so when you join you will become a member. Through this membership you will get access to the chat room that will connect you to some of the knowledgeable members. You will be able to get assistance directly when you are experiencing challenges with your business.

V.            Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the many ways that you can earn money online. The SFM system gives the opportunity to earn while learning by giving you the affiliate marketing opportunities.

VI.            You will get weekly master marketing training

When you become a member of the SFM you will receive these weekly trainings that will give you nuggets of wisdom on how to successfully set up and run an online business.

From the above mentioned features one can conclude that the six figure mentors scam speculations are basically rumors. Some people have succeeded with the system and others have not, which is a normal thing. If you start using the system and you are dissatisfied with the products and services, then you can demand for your money back after 30 days of signing up.

Jumping Higher In One Day: Is It Possible?

Jumping is a movement in which you push yourself through the air with an airborne course. It is done by applying force against the ground and then generating a sensitive force that pushes you up from the ground.

Jumping is supreme for most of the sports. Sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming etc. include jumping. There are no such people who are not fond of any of these sports. You may also probably be a great sport lover with no doubt. If you love these games then you are playing them too.You want to jump higher than others and yesterday.

When you are a part of a basketball team, you must jump higher than your opponent. If your game is tomorrow and you still can’t make a higher jump, then you can be the biggest mess. There is just 24 hours left to improve your jump. Then what are you going to do? You will probably feel sad and wish that some fairytale thing would occur to make you jump higher, don’t you? You definitely must not. Twenty-four hours are more than enough to jump higher.

Jumping may be difficult due to lack of strength. Moreover, you are not able to jump due to certain problem in your leg like pulling your groin. You may not be able to jump an inch and fear to miss your match. But you don’t need to be worried. Here are the tips that can make you jump like Michael Jordan and Oliver Kahn.

  1. When you pull your groin or hurt your leg and not be able to jump, then you better keep jumping up and down just like doing wall taps. Make sure that you are putting some weight in ankle. Now, you run around for a while to lessen the pain and you are now able to jump higher.


  1. When you practice jumping higher, you can find the best method is jumping rope. You have to try jumping 30 seconds with the maximum rotation you can make. This will help you a lot in one day if you constantly practice the method.


  1. The most satisfactory technique is squat. Take a two foot long and wide stable bench. Stand about a foot away from that bench in an athletic crouch. After that, you lock your hand behind your head and start squatting. You should make sure your thigh is parallel to the ground and you jump by landing both feet completely on the bench.


  1. The next method is standing with one leg on the ground and another in the bench. You make your arm move forcefully in a running gesture and touch the top of the bench softly and step down. Repeatedly try this exercise and you can see the change.


  1. Take two dumbbells of weight that your muscle will nearly fall and hold them at your side on a squat holder. Straighten your back and take out your backsides in a squatting position. Making your thigh parallel to ground try this frequently and the change will appear.


  1. The technique of continuous jumping and watching yourself jumping in the mirror can improve you. Try to jump higher every time looking to a mirror. To jump you have to drop down keeping the thighs slightly parallel to the ground. Then you push your arms vigorously when you jump and watch the progress in the mirror.


  1. A mentor or trainer is a big help in this kind of things. When you make someone analyze you and give a comment on your task then you can improve a lot. A friend can be more than a mentor and a judge. You have a friend watch your vertical lean and ask him if you have improved in so many attempts. This may help you build the self-confidence and make you able to jump higher.


In conclusion, jumping higher in one day may be a dream. If you are a jumper and failing to jump higher as you previously do, the techniques can turn effective. However, the same techniques may not be able to make a newbie to jump higher in a day but continuous practice can be effective in several days.